Brush Holder & Carrier

  • Item No. W-390
    Plastic Brush Holder with 37 positions to hold the brushes up.
    Size: dia. 14.5 * high 10cm
    Packing: each one in a box and 100 pcs/carton 74*37.5*32cm 

  • Item No. W-380
    Expandable Brush Carrier
    Dia. 4cm * length 20.6-36.7 cm
    Packing: each one in a polybag. 100pcs/carton 45 * 22 * 45cm 

  • Item No. W380A
    Expandable Brush Carrier
    Dia. 5.7cm * length 20.6 *36.7cm
    Packing: each one in a polybag, 120pcs/carton, 67 * 22 *56cm 

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