Brush Washer

  • Item No. PTJ-009
    Aluminum Brush Waher and Brush Holder
    Dia: 10.5 cm
    Packing: each one in a box and 30 pcs/carton 58*58*20  

  • Item No. AM-A208
    Multi-Function Barrel with handle and assorted colors available
    Function: Palette for watercolor and gouache,
    Washing brushes, Holding 5 brushes.
    Size: dia. 17 * high 15.5cm
    Packing: each one in a polybag and 50 pcs.carton 67*33.5*60cm 

  • Item No. JR-B1
    Plastic Brush Washer
    Outer: 45*45*36cm/108pcs 

  • Item No. AMKB-03
    Kids brush washer
    Inner: 25pcs
    Outer: 37*37*52cm/125pcs 

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