Chinese Calligraphy Set

  • Item No. AM-509 BOX
    packing: 24sets/carton 57*24*25cm 

  • Item No. AM-522 BOX
    size: 24.8*15.8*4.3cm
    packing: 30sets/carton 46*31*40cm 

  • Item No. Am-510 BOX
    size: 17*11*3cm
    packing: 60sets/carfton 46*31*40cm 

  • Item No. AM-523 BOX
    size: 27.7*17.8*6cm
    packing: 16sets/carton 60*40*26cm 

  • Item No. AM-530 BOX
    size: 20*9.5*3.7cm
    packing: 70sets/carton 46*31*40cm 

  • Item No. AM-2098 BOX
    size: 12*9*3.2cm
    Packing: 10sets/carton 46*31*32cm 

  • Item No. AM-W919B BOX
    size: 25.2*8.5*6.9cm
    packing: 24sets/carton 53*29*30cm, 10/9kgs 

  • Item No. AM-507 BOX
    size: 21.5*14.5*3.5cm
    packing: 40sets/carton 46*31*40cm 

  • Item No. AM-540 BOX
    size: 20.5*10.7*3.5cm
    Packing: 70sets/carton 46*31*40cm 

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