Calligraphy Brush Set

  • Item No. AM-M9902 box
    size: 24.8*5.3*2.7cm
    Packing: 100sets/carton 55*25*28cm 10/9kgs 

  • Item No. AM-M9901 box
    size: 24.2*5.3*2.7cm
    packing: 100sets/carton 55*25*28cm 

  • Item No. AM072-074 box
    size: 27*5*2.5cm
    packing: 100sets/carton 46*31*40cm 

  • Item No. AM99408 box
    size: 25*5*2.5cm
    packing: 100sets/carton 46*31*40cm 

  • Item No. AM-M9904 box
    size: 24.8*7.3*2.7cm, 8/7.5kgs
    packing: 50sets/carton 38*25*28cm 

  • Item No. AM-543A box
    size: 23*6*2.2cm packing: 100sets/carton 46*31*40cm 

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