Family Easels

  • Item No. HJ-15F
    Colored Family Easel with 2 sides & tarys, with paper roll, wide side for maker painting, blue side chalk drawing.
    Overall Size: 56*51*104cm, pine wood. Packing: 108*51*32cm/4pcs  

  • Item No. HJ15H
    Children Easel double side Black & White Board with paper roll and tray. Pine wood Upon request Oiled or varnished finishing.
    Overall size: 56*59*114cm
    Packing: 120*60*42/4pcs  

  • Item No.HJ15H
    Family Easel with two sides & trays. one side for marker pen painting. one side for chalk drawing.
    Overall size: 56*60*117cm elm wood
    Packing: 119*71*36cm/4pcs 

  • Item No.HJ-15G
    Children Easel double sides black and white boardwith paper roll and tray. oiled or varnished finishing with wood pine upon request.
    Overall Size: 62*43*117cm Packing: 121*12*65.5cm/2pcs 

  • Item No. HJ-15W
    photo gallery    
    Leg length adjust able for 3-14 years child Children easel.
    For Product description, Product size photos, and other information, Please discover in photo gallery. 

  • Item No. W13C
    Children's Table and Chairs with paper roll. Pine wood.
    Finishing oiled or varnished Packing: 106*66*14cm/1set 

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