Gueso, Hake, Stencil & Hobby

    Includes Item No. 713, 691, 1149, 739
    For detailed product description, Item No. and Size/Packing details, Please see photo gallery. 

  • Item No. SP05
    Stencil Brushes Set pack of 3 in calm-shell
    Packing: 46*30*34cm/144sets inner box:24sets 

  • Item No. 6418
    Stencil Brushes with stiff chungking bleached bristle, nickel plated tin ferrule and short wood handle
    size: 2#, 4#, 6#, 8#, 10# 

  • Hobby Brushes
    A. Art No. 8007 White boiled bristle Hobby Brushes
    B. Art No. 8006 Bleached white bristle Hobby Brushes
    C. Art No. 8008 White boiled bristle Hobby brushes with self-brush rest
    see photo gallery for more large photo and details 

  • Item No. 9973
    Hobby & craft brushes
    72sets/carton 66*31.5*34cm 

  • Hobby Brushes with white boiled bristle
    1. 9972L 2. 9972M 3.9972S 4.9972 pack of 3 Packing: 53*47*26cm/200sets
    see photo gallery for large photo and details 

  • Item No. XP582
    5pcs set rubber pen in blister, great for moulding and detail shaping.
    Packing: 24*41*49cm/144sets inner box: 12sets 

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