• Item No. CE-020
    5 pcs Foam Brushes set includes 1'' 2pcs, 2'' 1pc, 3''1pc and 4'' 1pc.
    144sets/carton 48*38*54cm 

  • Item No. CE-019
    10 pcs foam brushes set including 1'' 5pcs, 2'' 3pcs, 3'' 1pc and 4'' 1pc.
    144sets/carton 72*51*57  

  • Item No. CE021
    11pcs foam stamps with plastic pallet
    6sets/carton 40*30*56cm  

  • Item No. 9011-26
    Foam stamper of English Letter from A to Z, packed in a polybag
    Packing: 50*50*62cm/120sets  

  • Item No. 9011-10
    Foam stamper of number from 0 to 9, packed in a polybag
    Packing: 56*50*42/240sets 

  • Item No. 9010-70-8
    Foam roller, 1pc plastic handle, 8 different design rollers, packed in a polybag
    Packing: 50*48*62cm/80sets  

  • Item No. 909-10
    Foam stamper with plastic handle, 10designs, packed in a polybag
    Packing: 50*48)62cm/80sets 

  • Item No. 905-25-7
    Foam Stamper with wooden handle 7 different designs.
    Pakcing: 42*36*46/100sets 

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